What Nice Guys Should Take With Them When Approaching Women

What Nice Guys Should Take With Them When Approaching Women

I was reading an article about different pick-up techniques and tools that every guy should take with him when he is out trying to meet women. As I was reading the article it occurred to me that most of these pick-up techniques were useless for nice guys. This is not because there is something wrong with nice guys, it is because the techniques effectiveness are dependent on the mindset of the person that is using them.

I talked more about this in my previous post, and much more in my book Militant Nice Guy. The book details how the nice guys lack of belief is self makes him ineffective, and why he has this mindset. This blog is focused in-part on helping nice guys improve their mindset.

The pickup article inspired me to come up with an incomplete list of what to bring with you before you enter into an interaction with a woman to strengthen his mindset. This is help the nice guy support whatever methods and techniques he is using with a more efficient mindset.

*Your own true personality. It should be the real you talking to her not a fake identity or some cool persona that you think she make like.

*The sense of amazement that you will get the chance to interact with a potentially amazing woman. Not necessarily that you will get her, but that you get a chance to find out what she is about.

*That anticipation of the satisfaction that you will feel when you realize that beautiful woman you are interacting with is appreciating you just for being who you are.

*Focus on your responses and reaction to her as opposed to her responses and reaction to you.

*Know the first thing that will come out your mouth. Know what you want to say to her.

*Know what you want from her potentially.

*Curiosity. Be open and willingness to see where this interaction could go.

*Butterflies: You should feel butterflies because you are uncertain about what will happen. Butterflies are not to be confused with anxiety. Anxiety is when you think something bad is about to happen. Butterflies come from anticipating something good will happen.

*Focus on what you want to happen, not what you do not want to happen. We usually get what focus on. Too many guy are focused on not getting rejected as opposed to focusing on getting a genuine connection.

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