J.F.K. and the Nice Guy

J.F.K. and the Nice Guy

Deceiving a woman to get her into bed is easy. All you have to do is make her believe that you will either: pay her, love her, will get her a job, or just tell her whatever she wants to hear to get her into bed. But living with the knowledge that you had to manipulate her to get sex will change you forever. Because what you are doing is telling yourself that you do not think that you are good enough to get her by being yourself. It is hard to respect yourself, the sex, or the woman when you think like that.

Taken from a Q and A with Dr. John Henery Clarke, President of the N.G.N. the day before his assassination in 1963.

The N.G.N. Time line has been updated!


We have found audio from President of the United States and former N.G.N. member John F Kennedy. The audio is an excerpt from The President talking about the assassination of Dr. John Henry Clarke and the growing conspiracy against the nice guy. Many people believe this is the speech that got JFK killed by those who wanted destroy nice guys and the N.G.N.

Go to the time line and and hear what JFK had to say about nice guys and the N.G.N.

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