NGN Timeline

Nice Guy Nation Timeline

Find out more about the NGN! Review the NGN timeline and discover some of the more important events/artifacts in the history of the NGN.

Because of the nice guy purge, the history of the NGN is shrouded in mystery, but we have been able to piece together this timeline from research, artifacts, and discoveries from the NGN’s past. While it is extremely difficult to verify the accuracy of some of the information because of damage, poor quality, and/or age, we place a reasonable amount of confidence in the information presented to you.

We will update the timeline as new information about NGN history as more information is discovered. Please check back regularly for updates.


Nice Guy Nation Timeline

1947 – Nice Guys United and Proud

We are fortunate to have found the original magazine article of the legendary NGN march on Washington D.C. in 1947. This march was a shining example of the greatness of the NGN. We thought that all traces of this march were erased by the jerks, but fortunately we were wrong. We finally have the original 1947 magazine article for you to witness. [more]

1963 – Dr Clark’s Letter of Death

The NGN has recovered the letter that probably got Dr. Henry Clark NGN then president of the NGN in 1963 killed. This is his letter proposing that the NGN meet with the leaders of the Women’s Liberation Movement. He wanted to make sure nice guys and women were on the same page. Sadly it never happened. [more]

1963 – President JFK addresses the NGN

The President of the United States and former member of the NGN address the NGN just ten days after the jerks attacked the NGN and killed Dr. Clark. Here JFK speaks on his friend’s death and how the NGN must stay strong in light of the massive attacks of the jerks. There are those who believe this speech is what got JFK killed.

1963 – End of the NGN

Admiral Brown acting head of the NGN, after the assassination of Dr Clark, delivers the last speech to the NGN. The exact date of when this speech was delivered is not known, all that we know is that this after the jerks attacked the NGN.

2012 – Terrance meets the Oracle

All NGN members know of how important the book Militant Nice Guy is to the NGN. We know of the prophecy that states the One will read Militant Nice Guy and this book will inspire him to return to NGN to glory. This is audio of the Oracle traveling back in time and meeting Terrance in 2012. Here he describes how important the book is to the NGN.

2015 – Militant Nice Guy is published


This is audio of General Lynch’s speech he gave to his Jerk army right before him sent them back in time to wipe out Militant Nice Guy’s everywhere. This audio is important because it lays out how they planned or will plan to not only destroy the NGN, but make the nice guy irrelevant when it come to women.