Brief History of the Nice Guy Nation

The Nice Guy Nation (N.G.N.) is an organization of men created to teach nice guys how to use their nice guy tendencies to their advantage. The N.G.N. is made up of men from all walks of life and has, for decades, helped men to become better nice guys.

While continuing to help men from all over the world become better nice guys, the N.G.N. also began to recognize the need to help the nice guy be more effective in batting the Jerk, as well as correcting the damage done to the nice guy by the Jerk.

Despite facing many threats, most noticeably from the Jerk, the N.G.N. has grown over the years. While the Nice Guy Nation began as a loose collection of nice guys trying to better themselves, it did not become a solid organization until its official formation in the year 1901 in Houston, TX and with the first N.G.N. convention.

After decades of battle, the Jerks had all but wiped out the Nice Guy Nation in 1963, during the great N.G.N. purge. Through the nice guy purge, the Jerks finally realized their dream of the N.G.N.’s destruction. Without warning the armies of Jerk wiped out many Militant Nice Guys, and the NGN itself. Without the N.G.N., and Militant Nice Guys to protect and instruct nice guys to the way of the world, the average nice guy lost his way and was plunged into an era of darkness.

The armies of the Jerk Nation wiped out all evidence of the N.G.N. Then the Jerk Nation waged a propaganda campaign against the nice guy to not only make the nice guy hate himself, but to cause the world to see nice guys as the inferior choice when it come to romantic relationships.

Although the N.G.N. tried to come back in the late 1990s, they failed in large measure because the Jerks’ propaganda campaign was firmly in place.

Then, sometime after 2015, a man known only as, “the one,” read the book Militant Nice Guy. He then took over the N.G.N. and led us to victory over the Jerks.

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