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What a Nice Guy Can Learn from a Jerks Apology

What a Nice Guy Can Learn from a Jerks Apology

Hip Hop superstar Dame Dash, a major figure in the hip-hop industry, was notorious for getting what he wanted from women by disrespecting them. In this audio he talks about how much he regrets how he treated the women on the set of Jay-Z’s Big Pimpin video in particular and also women in general in his past.

One of the many reasons why I think this audio could be useful to nice guys is because his apology was motivated by him looking back at the effect his jerkish behavior had not just on women but on nice guys over the years and himself. I hope this can be some small vindication for all the times nice guys felt bad seeing jerks getting women disrespectful.

Remember, it is not just about getting what you want by any means necessary it’s about getting what you want with integrity. A big part of what it means to be a nice guy is not just what he’ll do to a woman but what he won’t do to a woman.