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Helping Nice Guys to Put Women on the Pedestal


They say that women do not like to be put on a pedestal, but they never tell you the real reason why. All the nice guy know is that when he tries to treat a woman special, or “put her on a pedestal” that he is often meet resistance or he is rejected for a Jerk. Why?!?!?! This issue has ruined many nice guys over the years and that is why I wanted to address it with this post.

Just to give you a heads up, in this post I talk a lot about women and what they are thinking in regards to the pedestal. Those who know me know that talking about what women think and trying to understand them is not something I do not like to do because as I always say what is the point of understanding a woman if you do not understand yourself. The only reason I did it this time is because I think my interpretation of women thoughts regarding the pedestal will give nice guys some much-needed context going forward.