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What Should a Nice Guy Say to a Woman?


What Should a Nice Guy Say to a Woman?

Not knowing what to say to a woman is a pretty common issue with many nice guys. Most nice guys understand the importance of approaching a woman. They know if they don’t approach then they’re not going to get the type of women that they want, yet many nice guys do not approach. Or if they do approach then they will be filled with so much anxiety and trepidation that the interaction will suffer as a result. This all because they believe they do not know what to say.

The truth of the matter is that you will never know what to say to a particular woman to make sure that she will like you. This is because you are not a mind reader. The chances of you seeing a stranger whom you’ve never met before and knowing the exact combination of words and phrases to make that woman attracted to you before you even interact with her it’s not very good. To be honest, the odds are so bad that it’s not effective strategy to pursue.

(I know you must be thinking, but what about dating coaches and pick up artist who make lots of money teaching guys to do this very thing? I will address this issue in my next post, and well as why pickup strategies and techniques do not work for nice guys.)

Here is something for you to consider, if you are a nice guy then you already have much to say to women how you are attracted to. When nice guys say they do not have anything to say or they do not know what to say to a woman, what they are really saying is: I do not think what I have to say to her it’s good enough, funny enough, or witty enough that she will accept me. They are pre-judging what they want to say, and they do not approach because they do not believe in what they have to say.

When it comes to expressing yourself, the key is to just keeps things simple and say what you feel. Then let her respond however she wants to respond freely. Do not try to impresses her, you do not know what impresses her anyway. If you do not believe the interaction will be a positive experience then how can it be. When you start to believe in who you are as a nice guy, and believe in what you have to say then you will be in a much better place when it comes to approaching. The reason why you should believe in what you have to say it’s because it is based on you and your attraction to her. It is based on who you are and what you want in other words it is based on truth.

Expressing how you feel is usually the best route because it is genuine and it is true. If you want the interaction to be genuine and true then you have no choice but to start it off that way.

It is better to be true then clever. It is better to be true then cool. It is better to be true and not get the girl and be false and get the girl.

You don’t believe in yourself and what you have to say then how can a woman.