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Nice Guy Inspiration


These are some inspirational quotes from various nice guys and N.G.N. members from over the years to help you in your journey to be a better nice guy. If you would like to suggest a quote, please do. It can be from anyone, even yourself, as long as you think it will be helpful to nice guys.

Nothing is more damaging to a nice guy’s interactions than him making his decisions based on fear. Daniel Morrissey: NGN member 2001

If you can enjoy yourself before you approach women, then it will be much easier for you to enjoy approaching women. Dean Maxell: NGN vice-president 1955

Women do not like nice guys who do not like being a nice guy. Unknown

For the last forty years, the nice guy has been controlled. Nice guys have been without a sense of pride and purpose for all of this time. Because of this, we have developed few nice guys who are able to understand much less deal with the seriousness of the time in which we live. James Stills NGN member 2004

There is nothing wrong with wanting a woman to like you, there is something wrong with trying to take away a woman’s right not to like you. John Dickson: bad ass nice guy 1996

Nothing ever goes exactly as planned, especially when you are dealing with others. Colin Purrel: NGN trainer 1932

Nice guys strive to do justice to the woman they are interacting with. Mike Martinez: NGN teacher 1927

There is nothing wrong with being a nice guy. This needs to be said more. Dean Maxell: NGN vice-president. 1958

I you are not proud to be a nice guy, then you will be defensive when interacting with women. Unknown

The term Militant Nice Guy comes from the early decades of the Nice Guy Nation, it was first applied to nice guys who were specifically trained by the NGN to do battle with the Jerks. But with time it became used for all nice guys who were members of the NGN. The One 2018

Far too many nice guys see approaching women as something to be afraid of rather than something to enjoy. Raymond Ray: NGN member and nice guy trainer 2004

It’s expensive, it is going to cost you something if want to live a life of integrity and principles. The more integrity you have, the more it is going to cost you. But the thing is living without integrity, which is doing or saying anything to get what you want will cost you so much more. Dr. John Henry Clarke: former NGN president 1962

Most nice guys are good with women; they just have a hard time interacting with the ones they want. Unknown

A nice guy can’t have sex like a Jerk; he has to have sex like a nice guy. Axel bad ass nice guy

If you are proud to be a nice guy, then the world can never use it against you. Josh Bar: NGN trainer 2017

Jerks judge themselves on how much sex they get. Nice guys judge themselves on who they are and how they go about getting sex. Josh Bar: NGN trainer 2017

If you think you constantly have to be at your best to interact with a woman, then you are doomed to eventual failure. This is because no one can be at their best all of the time that is impossible. Tony Adams: former NGN historian 1947

When you hear stories of Jerks conquest with women, do not forget that you are only hearing one side. You never hear things from her point of view, or hear about the damage that was done to her, and how it affected her as a result. Admiral Brown: last NGN president 1961

What is the point of spending all of your time and energy trying to understand women if you do not understand and know what you want? Terrance Terry: NGN member, author Militant Nice Guy

I can respect any man who tried to live up to his principles and failed. That means that he at least started out with a sincere intention. His main issue was that he succumbed to temptation this is understandable, it is called temptation for a reason. Violation of principles is often a last resort when all else have failed. The problem with Jerks is that they often start out with no principles to begin with, they are not even trying to be decent. This is one of many reasons why I hate them so.  Terrance Terry: NGN member, author Militant Nice Guy


Sexual Threat and the Nice Guy


Being a Sexual Threat

In this week’s podcast we talk about what it really means to be a sexual threat. We will also look at why the nice guy in particular has such a hard time with the idea of being a sexual threat. We will examine the drawbacks of being a sexual threat for the nice guy, and I even suggest what I believe is a more effective and efficient alternative to being a sexual threat for the nice guy.