1963 – Dr Clark’s Letter of Death

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To whom it may concern,

My name is Dr. Henry Clarke, President of the Nice Guy Nation (N.G.N.). It is an organization devoted to guiding and helping nice guys by allowing them to use their nice guy tendencies to their advantage.

1964 promises to be an important year for the nice guy. This is because women, and the Women’s Liberation Movement, are redefining what it means to be a woman. For this reason, I believe our two organizations should meet. I believe it is vital for the N.G.N. and the Women’s Lib. leadership to meet to discuss how we can best move forward, together, to make sure we will be on the same page. The N.G.N. wants to ensure that nice guys know and understand their roles in relating to women in the new era of women’s liberation.

A major source of the nice guy’s strength, when it comes to interacting with women, arises from him knowing and understanding how to relate to women. We can only do this if we know what the new liberated woman wants from the nice guy. If the Women’s Liberation Movement moves forward without meeting with the N.G.N. to determine the role of the nice guy, then his ability to relate to women will be significantly diminished.

Failure to meet, will mean that all of the tools the nice guy has relied upon in the past will be rendered obsolete. His lack of ability to relate to women will cause him to lose confidence in himself, which means he could even start to lose confidence in himself as a nice guy. It could get to the point where in the future, millions of nice guys will not even know what to say and/or how to interact when they see a woman who they are interested in knowing.

I do not want to see this terrible future come to pass for the nice guy. This is why I propose N.G.N. leadership meet with the Women’s Lib. leadership on Sept 13, 1963 to discuss a plan to resolve this important issue concerning the nice guy.

Thank you,
Dr. Henry Clark,
President Nice Guy Nation

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